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There are 20+ million students every year who study abroad and even more people who works abroad. They are looking personalised-advice and we are building the platform to connect them with you. As a beta-version product, we are working hard everyday to have more advisors and more features. If you want to save your spot, you may request for early access and we will let you know as soon as your invite is ready.

Just watch the 2 minute video and we promise you will love the idea.

How does it works for advisors?

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There is no signup charges and no hidden costs

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Our team will get back to you quickly, and we’ll collect any more info we need to get you listed.

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Once you’re listed, you’ll start receiving consultation requests from advice seekers.

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You set the price for your experience. We’ll provide you with suggestions based on our algorithms.


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You can consult advice seekers all over the world. We will help you reach them.


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Zero fees (limited period). Get paid your way—by methods like Paypal, direct deposit, or others depending on your location.

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Frequently Asked Questions

+ Who can be an advisor ?

We want to onboard top advisors, so it's invite only for now. Advisors include working professionals, career coach, and graduates from top universities who has 'advisig skills' and'advising-mindset'. Email us at hello@advisor.works to check if are eligible.

+ What topics can I advice?

We are focused of topics circumventing study-abroad and work-abroad. There are potentially 20+ Million people every year who look for such advice. We are open to advisors for Startups & Business such as Independent Management Consulting, Industry experts, and Virtual Coworkers. Know more on FAQ Page.

+ Can I refer my friend or colleague?

Yes, you can refer & earn upto $700. Click here to know more.

+ How much can I earn as advisor?

It depends number of sessions you spend consulting/advising and price per session. Normally, $1000-$3000 per month.

+ I want to know more?

Sure, visit our FAQ page

Ger started as an advisor

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